I don’t know why I am writing this post. BUT yeah I want people to know how important our health is!! I will be writing few things against computer but that doesn’t mean I am against it. 🙂 I know computer reduces human effort but it is not a HUMAN BEING.

Human body is so very well organised that no other things in the world can beat it. YES!! Not even computer which has been developed so much in the recent years. No wonder that it’s still improving but can’t beat human body in its perfection( I am talking about human body and  its functions NOT about a human being. There is loads of difference 😛 )

Human body can think on its own and do whatever it wants whereas computers works only to our command. Human brain can store a huge amount of memory where no hard disk can and yeah there is no such thing called limited memory space in human brain.There are numerous back-up functions if things go wrong in the human system. A slightest change which is injurious to the body will be recognised and rectified on its OWN. I don’t think computers can do this on its OWN.

If our body is attacked by a foreign agent, antibodies are immediately liberated by itself to fight against it but if a computer is attacked by a virus, an upgraded version of Anti-virus should be installed to delete it. 😛 If at all Anti-virus was installed before the attack, it might act immediately but most people usually don’t prefer this because of a side-effect. It makes the system slow. This may be compared to vaccines. Even vaccines are given for specific foreign agents against which antibodies are not produced naturally by our body. But vaccines never slows down any process in our body. 😛 (  I have heard of LINUX operating systems which doesn’t get affected by virus at all.Some people might be thinking of this when going through this paragraph. No defence against it people. I am just trying to compare at the basic level 🙂 )

A small common example for back-up function.

The person vomits few minutes after consuming a poison. That is because our body will be trying to eliminate the poison and prevents it from getting absorbed. It can’t be removed that way completely but it tries its best to avoid serious complications.Its main aim is to protect our body in all possible way.

There are many such functions which amuses us when we read about it. What I have mentioned above is a simple small example.This one might have not surprised you at all. But there are lots of things about our body. I sometimes get goosebumps when I read those. Don’t worry!! I won’t be writing all those here and bore you guys. I think I have already done it. 😛

I just want people to realize how well organised our body is and it would be nice if they know about it. If you are interested, try to find out more about it see how great it is. Try to know about our own body before learning about man-made things. I am again stressing the point that I am not against computers. 😀 After all everything has got its own advantages and disadvantages. I wouldn’t have shared this with you people without a computer. 🙂  I just took it for a comparison.

I hereby sign out apologising if I took a lot of your time. 🙂 Take care of your health. Don’t neglect it. You have one life. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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Where is the MIND??

Where is the MIND? Is it in the Brain? or Heart? or Lungs? or Stomach?  These were the questions asked by our lecturer. To this most might tell “Brain”. Even I thought the same in the beginning. But my question was;  if it is in Brain, can we see it? No. We can’t. None of the Anatomy book proves it. Even our lecturer didn’t give us any answer. It was taken for granted by students that if lecturer is not stressing  on it, then there is no need for them to exercise their Brains regarding it. 🙂 Moreover, such kind of questions are not asked in Exams(thats what most of the students wants-‘good marks’ by just by-hearting the things even though he/she can’t understand the topic). 😉

Suddenly I started thinking about the same questions. Lots of questions popped in my mind at that time. Wondered whether Mind is really in Brain. If not in Brain then where else? Why is that analogy- If  Mind is to Brain then Soul is to Heart? Inspite of no proof, people still believe it.  But when it comes to God, many don’t believe in God because we can’t see him/her. I am not forcing such people to believe. Its their views. I myself don’t believe in God completely.I just think that there is some supernatural power. Well enough of it now. I don’t want to talk about God here. If you want to see some of good posts on god, you can check the following links: Pavan and Su. 😉

Coming back to the point,  concept of the Mind is something very complicated to understand and still more complicated to explain. They talk about it in Philosophy and as well as in Science. In Philosophy, the Mind is related to some spiritual thing but in Science we study it under Psychology where they consider it at mental level. And at one point, we end up relating the Soul and the Mind. How would you people relate it? I seriously have very random thoughts regarding this.

Here is what I thought after those series of questions.                                                                                                  Mind is of course immaterial. Mind is not a part of  Brain but its product. It is just a mechanism by Brain to carry out several functions like thinking, reasoning, memory, perception etc. Somethings can’t be seen but can definitely be felt. But i still can’t think of a reason why do we people believe that Soul belongs to Heart. 😛

Thats all I could think of. But I am still not convinced with this. I didn’t want to google it and see. I want to know what you people think about it. I am looking forward to your comments.

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Think twice before you choose.

I read my uncle’s post “Choose your friends wisely!!” recently. There he has mentioned how friends influence ones life. The first thought that came to my mind when I read that was my own experience. It took me  back to my high school days. I want to share one of my experiences here. 🙂

I completed my 10th Std from Vijaya High School, Blore. It is supposed to be one of the best schools in Bangalore. I can surely say that my high school days were the best days(I think it will be the same with everyone). 🙂 The main ingredient for my unforgettable high school life was “FRIENDS”. The day I entered the school, I thought I would be lost in a huge crowd. I had two of my primary school friends with me. One was my best friend (NOT ANYMORE). As she was there with me, I didn’t worry that much about the crowd. UNFORTUNATELY, we both were placed in different section. That was the first time I got little worried as I got separated from my best friend. Now, I feel……. THAT WAS THE BEST THING HAPPENED!!!!! 😀

At that time, I even thought of requesting my principal to place me in the same section. But I somehow couldn’t ask. My another primary friend was there with me. I wasn’t that comfortable with her BUT I had no other choice. First day, I sat with her. The next day, our class teacher made us to sit according to the height. As I was tall, I had to sit in the last bench. Three other girls sat next me with the same blank expressions. They were Poonam, Krupa and Sneha.We made friends with each other. My days spent with these people is unforgettable. As days passed, I was getting very closer to Poonam. Now, SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND. 🙂


I have one more BEST FRIEND, Divya. Poonam, Divya and me are like Three Musketeers now. Leave us alone somewhere with some food and we will be lost in our talk. We will forget the whole world. 😀  When we are together, we least bother about what is happening around us. We keep chatting, chatting, chattingggg……… 😀 These two people have influenced my life to a HUGE extent.

Now, coming back to my primary best friend. I studied with her for 10 years. She was a very good friend. She was such a good friend that she actually BACK STABBED me for one of our mutual friend. Even more worst thing is, I was the one who introduced that person to my best friend. They both got together and ditched me. I was very depressed at that time. I still remember my mother’s consoling words. She said ” Stop thinking about those who just used you when needed. Be happy that you have friends like Poonam and Divya.”

Then I realized that  I should not judge or trust people easily. From that time I am very careful in choosing my friends. I make friends with everyone but will take lot of time to add them to my BEST FRIEND’S  list. I still have lots of friends but few good ones with whom I share all my happiness and sorrows.

So am signing off  saying, be slow in making friendship. And if made don’t ever break it.

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It was our College Day yesterday and yeah even Graduation Day for Internees. More than Graduation Day we were thrilled about the Fest. 😉 It was supposed to start at 2:00PM. As usual it got late. 😉 By the way the venue was “TOWN HALL” which can accommodate around 600 people which even has pretty good stage and lighting effect. 🙂

euphoria I have been participating in cultural programs right from my school days. But this time I tried something different. I compered the programme. Though I had no plans before, I was excited when my senior came and asked me whether I would like to accompany him for anchoring. At first, I thought of rejecting because I have never spoken in front of so many people. The thought of giving a flop show made my hairs stand. But I wanted to do it once in my life. My second thought told me to accept. I didn’t wanted to lose this opportunity. Who knows whether I will get this opportunity again!!!! So I just grabbed the opportunity and accepted. I was getting nervous as programme was nearing.

Finally the day arrived!!! I don’t know who did a magic on me. I was not a bit nervous. We had decided to continue the conversation somehow if someone forgets something in the middle. I think that was the main thing. Because even though we had our scripts ready, we knew that we can’t follow it word to word. We just wanted it to look casual and effective. Believe me, IT DID. Audience enjoyed all pranks we did on the stage. I was on the cloud 9 when my lecturers and friends told me that it came out very well.

I never thought I would be able to do this. Now I am confident that even I can talk in front of hundreds of people. I don’t know who was that magician who did a magic on me and filled such an amount of confidence. I am thankful to that magician!!!!  I am least bit nervous to talk in the crowd. 🙂 Thanks EUPHORIA which helped me realize what I am…!!!! 🙂

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Discovered Rajasthan!!

Last month was worth remembering as I had been to Rajasthan with my parents. That was the first time we went on such a long trip. I had some unforgettable experiences during the trip. By ” Unforgettable  experience”, I didn’t mean luxury and comforts. I got a chance to spend time with village kids, able to talk with army people in the border post, got to know the people, enjoyed Camel ride  etc. This was what I meant by “Unforgettable experiences”. Being with them for at least 15 days I can confidently say that I am quite successful in discovering Rajasthan.

I will list out both likes and dislikes.


  • First and foremost, they are still following their culture. Ex: They are still maintaining “parda system” for women. Even though am totally AGAINST  this system, it was good to see that they are still following their culture. Second example would be Turbans. The way they tie it is unexplainable.
  • I saw lots of Peacocks. Just like we see Dogs and Cows here. May be less than that but had never seen so much of Peacocks. 🙂
  • I had been to a very small village called Chatrael, 20kms from Jaisalmer. Children there are really INNOCENT. I asked group of 9th std boys to sing a song. They finally started singing by covering their faces. I had never seen that kind of children. One more good thing happened was dinner. They were very heavy but delicious. They served food in a typical Rajasthani style with those small tables.
  • Another best one was talking with a soldier in the Indo-Pak border. They are best in hiding their emotions. They manage to have a smiling face even though they will be under tension. I literally felt proud to be indian at that time.
  • They are very hard-working.
  • I liked their dedication to Music and Dance. Even Puppet Shows are most common over there. They are trying to save all these entertainment things which are becoming extinct due to TV and Computers.
  • I visited Dharga Sharif in Ajmer. This was my first visit to mosque.
  • The last thing was Camel ride in the sand dunes at Sam(40 kms from Jaisalmer). I enjoyed it most when Camel ran though I got scared because I was sitting alone. 😉


  • I hated food over there. It was the worst in the entire trip. Chapathi would be floating in the Ghee. Side dish was very bland. 😦 All I ate 15 days was Chapathi, Curd and Pickle. 😦  I just wanted to come back to Bangalore and eat rice. 🙂
  • The scarcity of water is very much. People there say that, in older days they could serve bowl full of Ghee but not water. Even now army people serve water for some villages which are nearer to border.
  • Most of the people over there depend on tourists. So their earnings will be only during  July-February. They have to do some other work rest of the days for daily bread.


All these are my experiences and observations. It might differ from each other. With all these I had a very great time visiting  beautiful palaces. I saw mind blowing  sunsets in Sam and Mt.Abu. I visited some 7-8 palaces. All were too good but different from each other. Oh! I forgot to tell where and all I went.  I had been to Jaipur, Bikaner, Mandawa(where all houses which are called as “Haveli” had Fresco Art), Pokaran(where underground nuclear test was done), Jaisalmer, Mt.Abu, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Pushkar and Ajmer. Of all these I liked Jaisalmer. It is called as “Golden City” because the stones which are used to construct the buildings are yellow in colour.

That is all about my trip in short. If I go on explaining then it would take pages. 😀 I finish this post by saying one should visit Rajasthan at least once. 🙂

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 Wondering what  “Ergomania”  is? ” Ergomania”,  according to Wikipedia is the Medico-legal term for Workaholic ( colloquially used  for a person who is addicted to work). I still can’t understand whether people work to live or they  live to work. But according to me people who live to work can be called as Workaholics. I am totally not against people working hard to come up in life but along with that they should even enjoy their life.

But now, people are so busy earning money that they hardly find time for their family. Why do people fail to understand that money is not the only thing which brings happiness to their lives. They expect huge things but never enjoy small things.  He will be happy if he gets promoted rather than seeing his son/daughter walking for the first time. He will never understand what his child feels until he loses his child’s happiness.


Nothing can be compared to a child's smile.

Nothing can be compared to a child's smile.



A year old child can never make out all these. But as the child grows, the loneliness it undergoes can never be explained. Moreover when child tries to  cheer him up when he comes back from his so called busy schedule, he will become furious and takes out all his tensions on the child. It goes to the extent where a child even fears to talk to his father( All the time I am mentioning about male being Workaholic because when compared to male-female ratio, its males who are most Workaholic). 

I don’t want to drag this topic too much because it it endless.All I want to tell to all these Workaholics is stop running behind the money and spend some time everyday with your loved ones. Talk to your parents, help your wife and children, take them out frequently and most importantly enjoy each and everything which you come across daily. Because once you lose all these happy times, your money can’t buy all those moments.

                                                                 Be happy and enjoy life.

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The Chemistry of Love

Love !!! What is Love? How does it start ? Is it really a Love or Lust ? How does it feel? Apparently no one can answer these questions  exactly. Well , I was watching some video few days back where they stated that Love is Biological which mainly involves role of  hormones. I got curious and started searching about it. The things which I found was interesting. So I thought of sharing those  here.


What is Love?

Dictionary says- ” An intense emotional attachment. ”
Oscar Wilde says- ” Love is an illusion.”
Shakespeare says- ” Love is a Smoke made with the fume of sighs.”
Lover says- ” Love is blind.”
BUT,  scientific people say, LOVE  IS  PURELY  A ‘CHEMICAL REACTION’.Famous leading expert in the topic of  Love, Helen Fisher divides the experiance of  Love into three different stages. They are:

Stage 1: LUST
Lust is an initial stage which involves the action of sex hormones Testosterone in male and Oestrogen in females. This stage hardly lasts for few months. This will be purely based on looks.

This stage develops from the previous one which can now be called as a Commitment. It involves attraction towards a particular person for mating. People might lose their appetite, sleep and  tend to spend their time daydreaming. All these are the action of hormones secreted by the Brain. Ever felt increase in your heart rate when you see your loved one? This is beacuse of the hormone Norepinephrine(Adrenalin) which acts on the pleasure centres of the Brain.

But even this stage is not permanent. According to the research, this stage lasts from one and a half to three years.

If the relationship is going to last, this stage takes over Attraction stage. It mainly involves bonding between the couple with many responsibilities. In fact, these make this stage everlasting. Basically, Oxytocin and Vasopressein harmones act at this stage.

For all these above things, some other ingredients like Trust, Understanding and Care are necessary for this beautiful unconditional feeling called Love. Always give time for your relationship. Don’t ever move further without understanding each other properly.

So I hereby conclude this post by saying that ” Love is what makes you smile when you are tired.”

PS: This is my first ever attempt to write an article. So I want you people’s  suggestion to improve my writing skill.

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